How To Ruin Your Financial Future (It’s Harder Than You Think)

So you want to ruin your financial life. Seems easy, right? Well, not so fast. You need to really think this through and strategically execute a lot of really dumb financial moves in order to accomplish this. Driving yourself into financial ruins actually takes effort.

But you can do it if you are willing to commit yourself to the cause. Here’s a few easy steps that will have you on your way to the poor house.

Forget To Enroll in my Company’s 401K


Or, just be lazy. I know, you have incredibly important things going on. Like Fantasy Baseball. And Fantasy Water Polo. And whether or not to eat at Carl’s Jr or Chili’s for lunch. But all that wasted time has been a huge loss for you, especially if your company matches your financial contributions to your 401K. You’ve possibly lost $1000’s being “distracted” by dumb, mindless things.

If your company matches your 401K, there is simply no excuse for you to not be contributing to it.

Buy Crap You Don’t Need


We all get a bug to go buy something cool every now and then. But if you are someone who gets bugs a lot, you might need to call in pest control before you ruin your financial well-being.

Buying meaningless crap is setting the table for financial ruins. Makers of products depend on idiots like yourself to give in and buy things they don’t really need. While executives at the Peel A Cucumber At Speed Of Light Inc. are on vacation in Maui for three months, your cell phone is getting blown up by creditors that you owe money to.

One of the biggest financial sinkholes is technology. Smartphones constantly come out with “newer” and “bigger” versions. But do you really need your smartphone to be the size of a flatscreen TV and will you really use the app that tells you the ingredients of every cookie you take a picture of? Not likely. That’s why it normally isn’t a true “need.”

You And Your Spouse Should Ignore Financial Conversations


I hate to break it to you, but you and the wife/husband need to sit down and have a meeting of the financial minds. Or even seek out a financial advisor and get your life on a plan.

This may cause you to get a divorce, but that might be a better option than living in debt with someone. Seriously though, not talking about it will lead to ongoing disputes.

You Don’t Understand Stocks So Don’t Invest At All


You don’t need to buy stocks to invest money. At least not individual stocks. That’s mostly like gambling, anyways. The best thing you can do is purchase ETFs. You can search “the best Vanguard ETFs” and start there. ETFs are a portfolio of long-term investment stocks. You don’t need to monitor them daily. These should be part of a retirement plan for you and the spouse you hopefully still have following the big financial talk.

Use Your Credit Card As Your Emergency Fund


Credit cards should be used to help build more credit, hopefully not for bailing you out of a pinch such as a broken down car. Credit cards are merciless in terms of sinking our financial ship. Putting an emergency situation on a credit card means huge interest rates, potentially ruined credit in the future. Additionally, you don’t want to max out a credit card.

Pay The Minimum On Credit Cards


And because of this, you can expect to remain in debt for the remainder of your natural life. Even if just a little more, pay more on debt payments. Every bit more will help.

Did that feel super difficult? I know, its effort to ruin your financial future. But so long as you are passionate about the cause, you can do it.

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Checkissuing distinguished with two of FinancesOnline’s best invoicing software awards

Checkissuing distinguished with two of FinancesOnline’s best invoicing software awards

‘A very safe and innovative check/document printing and mailing solution that streamlines check-related processes’ – this is how FinancesOnline’s experienced B2B team described Checkissuing. Being featured by such a prominent software expertise provider was the cake, but the cherry on top of it was winning two of the platform’s best known awards!

Our premier third-party check and document printing and delivery service has just become FinancesOnline’s 2017 Rising Star of best billing and invoicing software, having convinced experts of its capability to make delivery bulletproof. The target winners of this award are also rapidly developing systems that gained customers’ trust sooner than expected. When you turn 75 years of document management experience in a customer-oriented product, that’s the best recognition you can possibly earn.

The story, however, doesn’t end here – Checkissuing was also ascribed the Great User Experience Award for 2017, this time to honor its unique security features such as  Fourdrinier Watermark, Explicit Warning Bands, Chemical Wash Detection, and many more. Without having to install or update whatever, customers are now able to check third-party files and outsource their document mailing and delivery needs to a single system. To make matters even better, it will be the very same system to replace standard checks with their own branding accents, and make their service more appealing and professional.


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CheckIssuing and HIPAA’s Privacy Rules: Keeping Fraudsters at Bay

CheckIssuing and HIPAA’s Privacy Rules: Keeping Fraudsters at Bay

There is nothing more important than keeping your personal information secure. This information is the gateway to your financial institutions, medical records, credit score and other important personal accounts. Elevated threats of identity theft are part of our everyday lives and Check Issuing is committed to protecting our Clients from these dangers. Our top priority is to help them feel safe and secure when sending out payroll checks, documents, or tax statements to just name a few.

Here are ways Check Issuing is keeping information safe.

  • Utilization of a high secured envelopes. These envelopes have a black tint which prevents information from being seen from the outside, unlike regular white standard envelopes.
  • Fourdrinier watermark image. This additional is the name of the paper or a company logo that when held up to the light can be viewed from both sides of the paper.  This feature makes it difficult for someone to duplicate.
  • Enhanced thermochromatic ink. This type of ink changes color when exposed to heat and then changes back to its original color when cooled which is a added characteristic to prevent fraud.
  • Chemical sensitivity.  To avoid any kind of removal, a chemical toner anchorage bonds the laser toner to the paper fiber surface. If alter a chemical reaction will cause the check to become faded or spotty.
  • Warning band disclaimer. This is included on the check stating the inclusion of security features.
  • Check Issuing recently become HIPPA compliant, which means higher levels of security. Any business that handles patient information must comply with the national HIPPA standards.  Business Associates need to ensure the privacy, security, and availability of protected health information (PHI) at all times. In order to do so, they must separate and address four specific rules:•    HIPAA Privacy Rule. This rule refers to identifiable health information that can be linked to a person
    •    HIPAA Security Rule. The technical and non-technical safeguards that organizations must put in place to secure individuals’ PHI as outlined in the privacy rule. The Rule protects PHI whether it is stored electronically or as a printed copy.
    •    Facility Access Controls
    •    Workstation Use
    •    Workstation Security
    •    Device and Media ControlsTechnical
    •    Access Control
    •    Transmission Security
    •    Audit controls
    •    Authentication procedures

Breach Notification Rule: As required by the HITECH Act, the Secretary of Health and Human Services must post a list of data breaches that comprise unsecured protected health information.

To find out more about HIPPA visit:

Whether businesses are just starting out or an established business, at Check Issuing you can always count on us to protect your information.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.



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Sometimes People Overthink the Hiring Process

Why Businesses are Overthinking the Hiring Process

Everyone in business understands how important it is to hire the right team.  Whether you are in the software design or waste management industry, key personnel can make the difference between success and failure.  How do you make the right choice?  Most people use the interview process, but of course, there are other ways such as assigning candidates projects, testing at third-party employment verifiers, references, etc.  The hiring process is a balance of how much effort you and the potential candidate will put in for the process.


Why “Perfect Hiring” Systems Fail

Many times, hiring managers believe that they can create the perfect system to get good employees.  They have a thorough application, follow up testing, and a three-tiered interview system.  When they put out the ad, they received ten candidates, and no one finished the test.  Here is a quote from, the leader in Human Resource verification “Make the application process easy and tailored to passive job seekers.”


Lack Of Communication


The last hurdle in targeting passive job seekers is to convince them to apply for the job. To do so, consider making the application process easy to access and to complete. According to SHRM’s Recruiting Checklist for Quality Hires, the best performers are often passive job seekers who lack either the interest or the time in going through a cumbersome application process. Online applications that require excessive click-throughs or not designed for mobile access may discourage passive job seekers from completing the application.

Finally, if you get to the interview stage, there are a few things not to do when dealing with passive job seekers.

3 Reasons Businesses are Overthinking the Hiring Process  

•    Don’t question them as though they are active job seekers. Don’t ask “why should I hire you?” Questions may turn off passive job seekers.

•    Don’t expect that they have conducted extensive research about your organization—remember, you came to them, they didn’t come to you.

•    Don’t try to lure them with a similar job. Lure them with a job that offers additional responsibility or the opportunity to develop new skills and abilities. Out that third bullet.”

This is only one example, but understand the balance that needs to be played when hiring.  When you don’t have enough candidates or qualified candidates, you need to adjust your hiring process to remove the obstacles.  In this situation, the candidate is your customer, act accordingly.

Hopefully, you fund this info helpful, if you did, give it a share!


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Mac or PC? I Settle This Stupid Debate Once and For All…

Whenever we need to buy a new computer or laptop, it seems that everyone has a damn opinion. The social battle between Mac and PC is equivalent to the modern day Cavs vs Warriors or Ashton Kutcher vs Charlie Sheen or Gluten vs Gluten-Free. People get fanatical about it and that fanaticism and indoctrination to one side of the other makes getting legit, useful information really a difficult task.


The easiest way to figure out which is right for you is to sit down and write out the good vs the bad. Ok you lazy prick, I will do it for you.

Please see my list below.

PC Benefits

Its much more affordable. The PC cost almost half the price for the same damn power of the Mac. My base price for a Mac laptop is $3k, this includes Apple Care. It is $1700 for a pimped out PC laptop with Microsoft warranty. That’s a staggering difference. If you have to buy more than one (family, employees, etc) that number becomes even more of a consideration (now you know why so many offices run on Microsoft computers).


You want be a Mac assclown. Macs are nice computers, there is no doubt about it, but people who own Macs can be seriously annoying human beings. They loiter in cafés all day. They always talk about how amazing their Mac is. They put stupid stickers on their Mac about being eco-friendly all while plugging their Mac in ALL DAY. Having a PC automatically eliminates you from this affliction.

PC’s have gotten better. All Mac owners will tell you that Macs are better. Ask them why, they have no idea. The truth is, Windows 10 is a copy of Mac’s OS. Windows figured out how bad they sucked and fixed it by copying something that doesn’t suck. PCs are much, much easier to use.

Mac Benefits

Its not a PC. PC says “I’m a gamer, I mostly interact in second life, and I’m slightly poor.” Macs are a more prestigious machine. Macs are even made way better, from higher-quality material with more intelligent design.

Its not bloated. PCs have a “driver” for everything under the sun. And when you update your Windows operating system, many drivers get jacked up. Figuring out which ones is a big old game of finding that needle in the haystack, while the haystack is in flames. This is the big downside to PCs. If it weren’t for bullcrap drivers, there would never be a reason to pay so much more for a Mac. But here’s the thing: Macs don’t use drivers. It is more obvious what’s wrong with them when they do break down.

Macs are prettier. Its true. The Mac design is nice, sleek, modern and not an ugly janky PC. The Mac is almost décor in a nice home while the PC is an eyesore. You never see a PC in marketing ads for home sales. That’s because PCs represent a scummy impoverished experience.

How to know if you should buy a Mac or PC?

You are poor. Pretty much, go get a PC. You can go to and surf the refurbished Macs, but the fact remains, even Apple’s leftover junk cost way the hell more than a PC.

You are super freaking rich. If you have FU money, get the Mac. Its sincerely a better machine, even if not by much.


You hang out in cafes trying to pick up dates. Get a Mac, you need Starbucks cred and a PC will fail you every time.

You are a gamer. Get a PC, those are much higher reviewed by gamers. It won’t change the fact that you are a loser gamer, but it will at least make your gaming experiences better.

You have a stupid ugly beard. Go with Mac.


You edit videos. And by “videos,” I mean those homemade movies you and your significant other like to “touch up.” Video editing capabilities are much stronger on the Mac. You definitely want a Mac when it comes to video editing.

In the end, just get what you want. Stop worrying about what everyone else has to say. Unless you want friends. Or unless you want to find a date who will tolerate you. Otherwise, if you are fine being alone, give no thoughts to the matter.

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The Do’s And Don’t Of Graduation 2017

graduation 2017 book

The Do’s And Don’t Of Graduation 2017


As the class of 2017 walks down the hallway for the last time two things may be on their mind:  the future and the after-graduation party.  Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a few graduation parties. Some were large and flashy while others were mellow and conservative.  After reflecting on my graduation party experiences a few “do’s and don’ts” came to mind.


  • Show off your accomplishments: I loved walking into a party and seeing everything that person had accomplished over the years. Awards, trophies, letters of recognition, sports achievements, and newspaper cutouts.
  • Open house: it was nice to have a wide range of hours quest could arrive. Most know a few people graduating at once, so it’s nice to be able to attend everyone’s party.
  • Plan ahead: Get enough table and chairs ahead of time so you aren’t scrambling the night before. Be sure to have enough seating for everyone. You wouldn’t want your guest to be standing or crammed in at one table. Especially if you are serving a luncheon or dinner.
  • Picture booth: It’s great to get a picture with the graduate. There are many party stores that offer precut out items to take a fun picture. Or have a few dress up items. Have it print out right there or be able to post to social media.
  • Say “Hi”: You invited these guest, it’s impotent to let them know you care. Saying Hi will let your guest know you cared. Some may have even traveled to show their support.
  • Guest sign in: A book of pictures is a great way for your guest to sign as they enter the room. It’s entertaining for the guest to leave messages and enjoyable to go through later.
  • Enough food: RSVP is the best way to know how many guests are coming. Make a separate card to send your announcements to you know how much food to prepare. Otherwise, appetizers are the way to go. Have popcorn, chips and salsa, cookies, or nuts to keep it simple.


  • Mix friends and family: We get it you want to be with your friends after graduation, but guest wants to be with the graduate. One party I attended had 6 graduates in one room. It was packed! It was unapproachable. I also felt uncomfortable as I knew no one. I wanted to leave the minute I got there. Be mindful of all your guest. This might turn them away.
  • Get caught up in the décor: some party planners like to go all out with decoration. Make the decor about the graduate. Too many decorations can be overwhelming. You want to keep it simple.
  • Overlook the important guest: Plan the party when those who are important in your life can make it. Make sure there are no other big events happening.
  • Disregard the Thank You cards: Often times guest will leave a card in the designated box and walk away. Afterward, they would like to know if you even received it. Take notes what you have received and make the thank you cards personally.
  • Ignore the neighbors: Really families have lived in the same neighborhood for years. You become close to these people so include them on your list.


In the end, it’s your party. Have fun and enjoy this great success. You have earned it.


Congrats to the graduating class of 2017:





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How To Make Your Business Meetings Suck Less

Oh joy – you’ve set up another one of your fabulous, entertaining and compelling business meetings for partners, prospective partners, clients, and vendors. Everyone’s completely thrilled to have received the invite. It made everyone feel as though they’d been invited to a royal summit of kings and queens and a bad#$s Chinese buffet.

Only that’s not the reaction anyone had. At all. Because your business meetings are neither fabulous or entertaining nor (and most importantly) compelling.

Your business meetings suck.

Why would anyone want to go to another one of your sucky business meetings? Well, for the most part, they wouldn’t. So the responsibility falls upon your shoulders to make your business meeting a better experience. Yes, it is possible to turn these modern day Titanic sinkings around, but it is going to take some knowledge and effort. I can’t help with the effort portion since that would require an out of body experience, I can, however, help with the knowledge.

Tips on making your business meetings better.

Have a goal.

Seriously, you show up to business meetings with no agenda? The meeting uncomfortably and disgracefully begins with the awkwardness of everyone looking at one another. It is a silent chaos. Having a goal is simple. If you can’t come up with a goal for the meeting, don’t have it. There is nothing worse than showing up for a meeting and not having a point to it. And it happens all the damn time. I think many meeting organizers seriously forget that one detail: having a point. You wouldn’t show up to an airport’s departure terminal without a ticket to fly, would you?

Make sure the meeting is necessary.

After determining the goal, decide if the meeting is necessary or something that could be instead accomplished through a short phone call or maybe with just one or two other people, not ten. People have things to do. When you herd them up, they have to break their focus and concentration and flow. Yes, many people are just refreshing Facebook, but some aren’t. Some do actual work. And you ruin that work when you have a meeting so be sure that your meeting is fruitful.

Make sure you invite decision makers.

If people aren’t going to be able to contribute to the changes or goals, then you are just inviting them so that they can hear your voice. That makes you a jerk. Nobody likes a jerk. The only people that need be at your meeting are the most essential cats. The people who can make decisions based on the information you plan to provide. The Fed Ex lady probably doesn’t need to be in your meeting about company overspending just because she drops off packages every mid-day. She has more important things to do.

Schedule on a day and hour that makes sense.

No, Monday morning at 9 am doesn’t make sense for a strategy meeting. No, the day before Christmas break is not a good day to have a meeting about something that no one will be able to seriously work on until after Santa places coal lumps in their stockings. Don’t schedule meetings during high-stress times. Use common sense.

Create a list of agenda items and FOLLOW THEM.

The agenda items should be relevant to the meeting’s goal. Agenda items serve to keep things on track. The meeting should only be about the goal, as soon as someone brings up that the vending machines have been out of Cool Ranch Doritos for a week, you can reel everyone back in. Unless a Cool Ranch Doritos shortage is what your meeting is about, in which case, scroll back up to “was this meeting really necessary” portion.

You don’t want to live a life whereas each time you send out a Google calendar invite, people simultaneously jump from their office balconies. Having meetings for silly reasons waste other people’s time. Having meetings just so you have a stage for yourself waste other people’s time. Having a meeting that has no agenda based organization waste other people’s time. There is a trend here, have you picked up on it yet?

Business meetings can be awesome. That Facebook company, they have business meetings and they are doing pretty darn well (I heard). Getting the gang together to talk strategy and ideas can be a wonderful thing. Just do it right. Otherwise people will hate you. You don’t want to be hated.

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How To Go To Work Without Ruining Your Life

Going to work should be an easy experience. Show up, do your job, go home and talk about how bad it sucked in private to your spouse or friend. Simple stuff, right? Well, that’s not the case for everyone. Many people simply aren’t good at the whole “going to work” thing.

Don’t date coworkers


The new girl that just got hired is pretty. You are semi-sure she is single, based on the fact that you just think that. You also start to realize this could be the start of an amazing romance. So you start hovering and loitering around her cubicle and one day she breaks down and goes to an Applebee’s happy hour with you and wakes up the next morning at your place.

At first, you both enjoy the thrill of the secret. You leave at separate times, but really you are both going over to one of your homes. And then one day, you think, let’s tell everyone!

You are then thrust into the “that work couple” genre. Shortly following this, she starts to like Bob over in tech. He fixes her computer like a champ and smells like Old Spice. And then you two start fighting. Everyone has to pick a side. Your work suffers and you are fired. Your girl ends up taking in drunken happy hours with Bob and they have a kid out of wedlock. You are unemployed and depressed.

Dating coworkers, as tempting as it may seem, goes nowhere good. Don’t do it. Just go to freaking work and do your job.

Don’t go to work sick


You feel a little sick coming on but you want to prove to the office that you are an amazing worker. You’ve spent so much time kissing ass that you feel like going to work sick might be the final piece of the puzzle that concludes with you getting employee of the decade.

Going to work sick sucks for everyone. When you go to work sick, you touch things like railings and desk and coke machines. And then your asskisser germs end up in everyone else’s lungs. And eventually, the entire office goes down because you wanted to act like Michael Jordan when he had the flu in the playoffs. The problem is, you aren’t competing for an NBA Title, you are entering numbers into a spreadsheet. You can do that at home. Michael Jordan couldn’t hit shots from his home, or he would have.

Use common sense.

Don’t Facebook friend everyone


If you do this, you are the worst. No one wants to get that awkward friend request from the new guy. It sucks. Additionally, you will eventually screw it up.

“Hi all, I am out sick today. Drinking lots of water and plan to you all on Monday!”

::BOB just checked in at Senior Frog’s for Day DrinkerPaloooza::

Bob is fired.

What should you do?

Go to work. Be super fake and pretend you like everyone. Go home after that and think about how stupid they all are. Be normal, that’s all. It’s truly easy when you think about it.

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